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CB 5000

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JV Valley

Find software you can license for $100 and sell for $100k!

Software Generator

Create unlimited new software tools for as little as $10!

Slide Maker

Create professional video products in under an hour.

AI Copywriter

Create an instant sales letter with AI, without writing a word

Al Designer

Use Artificial Intelligence to make an instant sales letter design

Email Nemesis

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Find the best buyer keywords for any niche (for PPC & SEO)

Day Job Killer 2 Videos

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Your ONE Chance To Discover How REAL People Are Making A FULL-TIME Living From The Internet Is Here:

The One Thing That Separates The $5k/Day Internet Marketers & Everyone Else Is Selling YOUR OWN Products (eBooks & Software)... And Now It's YOUR Turn:

Have you noticed a trend these last few months?

Info products - software & ebooks - are taking over the WORLD..

There's no question, in 2019 ALL the money is being made in software and digital products.

BUT in February 2019, a small elite are the only ones taking advantage of the wave...

  • The top JVZoo vendors are making $10-100k per day from a software tool.. that they licensed for $150....
  • The top CB sellers are generating six-figures... from "basic" ebooks they didn't even write...
  • The top "super affiliates" are product owners who make $500 to $50k, sending 1 email to their customers lists...

Heck, even the top "ecommerce" guys are making a killing "on the side" by selling ecom training and tools

These "1 percenters" are making a killing, while many average Internet marketers struggle.

Part of the reason is simple - most people have never even tried to sell their own digital product...

And there's a very good reason for this...

To most people, the idea of becoming an info product seller is terrifying!

Here's why...

Imagine you said: "Chris, I want to quit my job and make $300 per day from the Internet"

And I replied "Well, that's easy! Just sell some software on JVZoo or ClickBank - and you could could make up to $10,000 per day!"

You'd probably think "easy for you to say!" and start to run through all the objections in your head.

Something like this.. "Yeah.. but what kind of software would I create? In what niche? And, even if I picked a niche and had an idea for a tool, who I would hire to create it!?

And anyway, wouldn't they charge me, like, $5k to program the software? And even assuming I created the software, how would I create a sales letter that converts - without dropping another $2k on copywriter, designer or video editor?

And then.. assuming I did all of that, and my software and sales page were setup and ready to sell, how would I get traffic? I mean, I don't know any "super affiliates" to promote it, I can't afford ads, and I don't know any secret traffic sources!"

Sounds familiar?

So I get it...

If you're reading this, you probably LOVE the IDEA of HAVING your own info product (whether it's an ebook, video course, WordPress plugin or software tool). You probably LOVE the idea of HAVING the INCOME that info sellers have (it's not hard to quit your job when one sale can easily make you $100).

And you probably don't need convincing that "the money is in the LIST" - specifically a BUYER LIST of people who bought YOUR product.

None of this is "the question"

I don't need to convince you that selling your own info product is THE best way for you to quit your job and make a full-time, five/six/seven figure income from the Internet.

The question is: how exactly can you do it...

Even if you're a newbie with no list, no product, no sales skills and no capital...

Does this sound like you? If so, don't feel too bad - you're far from alone...

Check out the survey I did to my Titan customer list. It's instructive to say the least...

I asked people making $500 per month AND
those making $5,000 per month the SAME question:

Have you ever created and sold your own info product?

The DIFFERENT answers they gave is a VITAL clue to anyone who's serious about making profits in 2019...

Firstly, let's look at the people who haven't created an info product before...

Maybe you're in this group right now?..

As you can see, only 7% have made over $5,000 online

CONCLUSION: 93% of wealth-seekers are stuck in a rut, trying to make money online, but never succeeding. If you've made less than $5,000 online in 2019, don't feel bad - you're just part of "the 93%" like most people...

But here's where things get CRAZY - when I looked at people who HAD created and sold their own software, the difference in earnings was incredible.

Over 70% of them had made over $5,000 online - check out the screenshot below:

So which would you rather have - a 7% chance of making more than $5,000... or a 72% chance?

In other words, creating your own software or ebook makes you 1,000% more likely to generate $5,000 online!....

So why isn't everyone creating info products, launching software tools and generating six-figures in weeks?

Well, I discovered the answer to that a few questions further on...

When I asked these same 760+ Titan members why they hadn't made their own product before... to try to dig deeper as to why so few people were hitting four-five figures per month... here's what they said...

As you can see, over 90% of my customers LOVE the idea of creating and selling their own product..

But they don't know how to do it... how to get traffic... what product to create, etc.

Or they don't have the capital to set everything up...

It's like there's an invisible wall between you and the job-killing freedom that comes from having your own product...

Well, all that changes today.

So here's what all of this means for you (if you aren't one of the elites making $5,000+ per month selling your own product)...

Here's what separates people making $5,000 per month with their own products from everyone else. They...

  • Have a formula for working out the very best niches to sell their info product in
  • Know a secret place to find software that they can license for $50-100 and flip for a quick 10,000% return!
  • Can quickly create entirely NEW software tools for as little as $75 (yes, that is not a typo! keep reading!!)
  • Use sneaky "artificial intelligence" tricks to build a sales letter in hours (without writing an original word of content)
  • Get targeted traffic from ONE specific, secret & almost unlimited traffic source that (until now) only the "big guys" could play in
  • They are able to "put everything together" and manage the job-killing system like a proper business
  • How? They understand the four steps of info product creation & marketing (niche>product>sales letter>traffic)
  • AND they "work" less and do EVERYTHING with automation - resulting in spiralling profits - and an easy life. ..

See How Info Products Generate Job-Killing Income Like Nothing Else...

Calculate How Many Sales You Need to Quit Your Day Job


You need an annual income of $35,000 to quit your day job and become a full-time Internet marketer.

You have decided to price your ifo product at $97.

That means you need to sell less than 1 products per day to quit your job!

Now keep reading to see how I guarantee you can quit your job (or I'll give you $1,000!)

Here's How I Quit My Job In Four Steps

The Ultimate System, Finally Automated For 2019!


Find a Hot Niche

First, we want to find ClickBank & JVZoo niches making thousands of dollars per day.

And that's where my CB5000 software comes in. It's THE ultimate tool to find the best niche (and find $xxx,xxx products in "secret niches"!)

Plus, I'll give you training videos on niche selection (and recommend ONE niche that is the best)

With my four-step formula for niche selection (and the four niche case study videos), you'll never worry about choosing the right niche ever again...

The Top 1600 ClickBank Products Across 100 Niche Keywords. Find Dozens Of $xxx,xxx Proven Info Niches In Seconds..


Create product in 1 minute

Now, we need to create our info product.. ideally a software tool that could make us $xx,xxx! It would normally take months and cost thousands to hire a programmer but..

This only takes a few seconds with our software!

Firstly, use our JV Valley software to find developers who we can license software from (for as little as $100!)

Secondly, use our Software Generator tool to create a completely new software tool of your own... for as little as $10!

1,891 Software Tools You Can License From CodeCanyon (For $100), Then Turn Around & Sell 1000+ Units Of! All 1,891 Tools Are From High-Rated Products in the top Niches. Find a product then click to save or generate a template email to approach them with (this is the same approach me & my students used to create software that made generated six-figures in sales!)..

The only thing better than licensing pre-made software is building your own... in 1 day.. for under $100! Simply create a spreadsheet/excel file (or outsource it for under $50), import into the Software Generator and you have an instant software that you can sell 1000s of copies of (this is the same system me & my students used to create software that made us $xxx,xxx!)..


Create Sales Letter

Now, we need to create a sales letter for our product - and we do this automatically with 3 powerful new software tools.

Firstly, create a sales script using my AICopy tool (and use the power of artificial intelligence to build up your own spinnable text from other sales letters!)

Next, use the 1 Click Design tool to create an instant sales design using the script you just created with AICopy (it's SO easy).

Finally if you want to create a video, use my Slide Maker software to create instant sales letters (just like the one on this page!)

Go from niche, to completed product & sales letter in 1 minute...

Enter A Few Details About Your Product.. Hit Go... Instant Sales Script Based On My High-Converting Templates, Plus...

...AI Copywriter also uses Artiticial Intelligence technology - so you could make any sales letter "spinnable" to your own chosen product:

Now time to make your website sales letter. Simply use 1 Click Designer to turn your sales script into an instant web design that you can upload & start selling with in seconds:

Finally, if you want to sell with video, use the Slide Maker tool to create your sales video (or training videos or any kind of video):


Get BUYER Traffic

Now your product & sales letter are complete, you'll want to start getting traffic.

And that's where my Email Nemesis & Keywordaveli tools come in...

Email Nemesis displays the solo ad sellers that the biggest gurus buy from over and over again...

And my Keywordaveli tool finds the buyer keywords for SEO and PPC with over 1000 searches in 1.5 seconds...

Crack the solo ad code by stealing intel from the six-figure marketers over and over again with my Email Nemesis tool...

Steal your competitors best keywords! Just enter 1-10 domains or keywords, rank the domains by relevance to your offer & export your list of buyer keywords with this one-of-a-kind software:


Profit & Scale Up!

With info products you have the best chance of making a full-time living from the Internet...

And with my software tools & training, you'll have a huge advantage over everyone else - even the "elite" on JVZoo!

Take it from someone who's made $xxx,xxx to $x,xxx,xxx with this every single year since 2007.

And, that was before I automated everything with my softwares!

Your One chance to learn THE #1 method to profit in 2019... from THE creator of the #1 JVZoo offer of all of 2017...

Discover how Rich Williams created a software in 2 days for $80..

And generated over $50,000 selling it on JVZoo!

Get Started

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51 Videos On How To Profit With Info Products

..Here's a sneak peek of some of the topics we'll discuss

$1.7 Mill with JVZoo

Dive deep into my JVZoo earnings and learn my product creation tricks

The BitCoin Niche

Discover exactly how to profit with this monster niche!

ClickBank Profits

Inside my "integrative marketing" method (that averaged me $7k a day for over 2 years).

Inside JVZoo #1

Inside the sales letter of the JVZoo #1 for all of 2017!

Funnel Breakdown

Discover the funnel that took doubled my front-end value

Create Software For $9

Learn how to create unlimited software tools for as little as $9!

$1k/Day with Aweber

Learn how I build my list, get huge opens and clicks and drive targeted traffic.

$500K/year recurring

Learn why some of my marketing buddies refer to me as the master of the rebill!

Many more advanced tips

With over 50 videos, I cover everything from the basics to super advanced tricks!

Learn 10 Years' Worth Of "Done For You" Shortcuts..

$24 Million In Info Product Sales, 20 ClickBank & JVZoo Number Ones - Now Taught (and automated) for the first time ever - with 8 Software Tools & 50 Training Videos...

DayJobKiller Is Focused On How To Quit Your Day Job & Make a Full-Time Living From the Internet In February 2019

Can you imagine the results you'd get with a software this unique?

Let me show you some of my recent days selling info products...

So Are You Ready To Take Your Internet Business Income LIFE To The Next Level?

Are you in?

OK great.

The first step is to click on the order button below.

You'll get Instant Access to the DayJobKiller "tool-suite", with all 8 super powerful softwares:

  • CB5000 - pre-loaded with 1600+ profitable products making thousands of dollars per day across 100+ niches
  • JV Valley - that lets you search over 1600 software tools that you can license & resell for as little as $100!
  • Software Generator - that means ANYONE can now create completely unique new software tools.. for $50!
  • 1 Click Copy - that lets you create a high-converting sales script for any niche or product in under 30 seconds
  • AI Copywriter "Addon" - uses "AI" to turn any sales letter you like into a spinnable template for your own product!
  • AI Designer - that lets you create sales letter designs just like the JVZoo & ClickBank pros.. in minutes
  • Slide Maker software - which creates slide-based sales & training videos that convert and look great
  • Email Nemesis - that unearths the most profitable solo ad buyers (that the big list-builders are buying from!)
  • Keywordaveli - which discovers profitable buyer keywords for SEO & PPC (by copying the top search marketers)

And that's just the software - we haven't even got to the training yet..

  • 50 videos that completely explain how to sell info products (ebooks, software, Wordpress themes, apps) in 2019
  • The ONLY course created by one of JVZoo & ClickBank's all-time top-sellers (and owner of the #1 JVzoo offer of 2017)
  • The ONLY course on info marketing created by someone who has generated over $24 million of info product sales
  • In short these are training videos focused on the #1 METHOD for you to profit, created by the #1 TEACHER at this

Now let's look at some of the specific topics I talk about in my training videos...

  • Complete overview of the four steps of info product marketing - niche selection, creating a sales letter, creating a product & getting traffic to your offer
  • INTRODUCTION: Before you get started with info marketing, you need to understand why it's such an incredible opportunity. That's why the first few videos explain the unique economics of info product marketing. I'll walk you through the four steps of the Info marketing method, and show you some of mine and my students' income, so you can see what's possible. I'll also ask you to set your income goals in preparation for the insane knowledge I'm about to pass onto you.; After this, you'll be salivating at the mouth, and so excited to get started with this..
  • STEP 1 - CHOOSING A NICHE: Now it's time to dive into the DJK system itself. The first step is to choose a niche topic to focus on. I'll explain exactly how we find hot niches (my "unSTUC" formula), and I'll also give you a case-study of three of the most profitable niches on ClickBank & JVZoo. Most importantly of all, I will highly recommend you focus on ONE niche - the same niche that made me millions. This is a niche you're familiar with, a niche you're a customer of, and a niche you can easily create products and sales letters in, get traffic in and basically make money from.
  • STEP 2 - CREATING A PRODUCT. This is one of the scariest steps for most people, but actually it's not that hard... if you know the shortcuts. Having created over 50 software tools in the last 18 months alone, I've become an expert at product creation. I'll show you how JV partnering, outsourcing and automation mean that it's dirt-cheap and idiot-simple for you to create ebooks or software that you can sell in any niche. And by the way, I'll be giving you the ACTUAL case studies, briefs and steps I took to create some of my best-selling products.
  • STEP 3 - CREATING A SALES LETTER. Now your product is done and you're ready to create a sales letter. This can be intimidating to many but its actually very easy if you follow my "RELAX" system. Despite setting records for most sales on both ClickBank & JVZoo, and having over 15 #1 launches I don't consider myself a good copywriter. Rather, I know how to legally steal the words and angles from what's already selling in the marketplace. And, with this information, you too can create sales letters that convert like crazy - even if you flunked English language at high-school
  • STEP 4 - GET TRAFFIC. If you've chosen your niche, got a good product, and created a great sales letter, this step is actually easy. I'll walk you through the three main traffic sources for info products - email marketing, affiliates & paid traffic. I'll also give you some VERY SPECIFIC places to get traffic from for certain niche, and some VERY SPECIFIC places to find affiliates to promote your product. It's no co-incidence that my last JVZoo #1 was my SIXTH IN A ROW. That's because I know how to get more free affiliate traffic to my affiliates using a few sneaky tricks (while also buying traffic from a few "secret locations" that triple my profits). I'll tell you all of this in this mind-meltingly good module
  • ADVANCED SECTION - Once you've got the basic four steps nailed, you WILL want more? That's where my advanced topics come in, topics like funnels and upsells, branding and product names, affiliate promotions, JV partnerships, affiliate contests and more

But that's not all. As well as the core system, I'll break down SPECIFICALLY how I made millions of dollars from particular products, traffic methods, tactics and methods. Welcome to the DJK case studies, with screenshots, logins to some of my most profitable accounts, and secret revelations I have never disclosed to anyone before now...

  • LAUNCH CASE STUDY: How I made $170,000 in one day with CB & break the "highest gravity ever" record
  • OFFER CASE STUDY: Inside the stats for the #1 selling JVZoo product of 2019, Zen Titan 2
  • COPYWRITING CASE STUDY: How my student Rich Williams outsourced the sales letter for his first ever JVZoo product, Insta Crusher, and had the top-selling product of the month on JVZoo!
  • JV CASE STUDY: How I generated over $50,000 with a simple joint venture in a "weird pay per click niche"
  • EMAIL CASE STUDY: How I generated over $1 million with emails - my top secrets for email marketing
  • SOLO AD CASE STUDY: How I increased my conversion rates by 500% and made a loss-making solo campaign profitable
  • FUNNEL CASE STUDY: A look at the funnel for 3 affiliate promotions I did that netted me $5,000
  • $500/DAY WITH PPC CASE STUDY: How 3 keywords made me a consitent $500/day with Google Adwords
  • $500K SECRET SUBNICHE CASE STUDY: How the weird "internet marketing" sub-niche grossed $500k in 2017

But that's not all. Order now, and you'll also get access to all these additional newbie-friendly features...

  • 3 extra bonus software tools I didn't even have time to include in the above descriptions
  • Personal access to me - ask me any question you like about anything
  • Secret files, PDFs, reports & much more - the bonuses are worth the cost alone!
  • Future upgrades, training & more - It took me 11 years to make this. This is just the beginning!

So, on top of the 9x software tools, you get 50+ training videos - and all the bonuses too!...

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8 software tools & 50 Training Videos
CB5000 - 1600 ClickBank products & niches
JV Valley - license 1600 softwares for cheap
Software generator - create unlimited software
1 Click Copy with "Al" - create sales letters
1 Click Design - create sales letter designs
Slide Maker - create training & sales videos
Email Nemesis - get targeted solo ad traffic
Keywordaveli - get targeted PPC & SEO traffic
50+ training videos for newbie to advanced
10+ Case studies that made me $1 million+
All software Mac/PC Compatible
Months of updates planned

"My Money-Back "Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is" Guarantee

Examine my automated software in your home for 60 days, read the quick start guide, apply my system, watch the videos...

Automate your life-changing Internet business with my simple software tools, watch the 50+ training
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Do whatever it takes to convince yourself that it is possible to finally quit your job in 2019.

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DAY JOB KILLER : Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does Day Job Killer work on PC & Mac?

A. Yes! All the DJK softwares work on PCs & Apple Macs, even Mobile Phones (iPhone, Android etc) & Tablets!

Q. What's included in The Day Job Killer package?

A. You'll get access to 8 software tools... 50 training videos & guides - plus MUCH more!

Q. How does your money-back guarantee work?

A. It's simple. If you dont like the product, just contact us for an unconditional 60-day refund, for any reason whatsoever.

Q. What's support like?

A. Yes! All the DJK softwares work on PCs & Apple Macs, even Mobile Phones (iPhone, Android etc) & Tablets!

Q. Why aren't you selling this for $10,000 or more?

A. Because I want people to enjoy the same success I had. And frankly, this is big enough for both of us

Q. Wow. Are there any other products available?

A. NO. There are no other upsells after this. In fact, if you stick with this you should never need to buy another product. EVER.